Welcome home!

Welcome to Comics: Caffeinated, a blog made to make your entry into the world of comics an easy one. It’s the beginning of your origin story made simple. A “Comics for Dummies” — not that you’re any dummy, you’re my perfect shining star — if you will. However, unlike my predecessors’ blogs, Comics: Caffeinated will also attempt to bring you into coffees and teas by pairing the two worlds thereby making your reading experience as cozy, comfortable and  caffeinated as humanly possible.

Killjoys #1 panelSimilar to How to Love Comics, the blog will work to help newcomers start turning pages for the first time while offering solid, helpful reading recommendations like those found in Comics Worth Reading. Recommendations should be accessible to those dipping their toes in the water, but not so simple as to be useless to more seasoned readers. In addition, Comics: Caffeinated will attempt to emulate the simple, yet effective, style of previous peers’ blogs like Bits of Creativity, which uses the Forever Theme. The simplistic layout makes the blog an easy and natural read, while the color palette overall seems cohesive. Personally, I’ll try to keep my own palette relatively warm wherever possible. I also intend to emulate the way The Daily Driver seamlessly integrated web content into her blog, even going so far as to add a video tweet. I also hope that like Coffee Grounds in SLO I’ll be able to fully explore my local sources of expertise. By using local sources I hope that I can establish a local following as well as one that’s more broad.

So open up your long box and grab your favorite mug — it’s the one with the cats on it, right? — and we’ll get started on this adventure together.