Cosmic Chamomile: Tin and Kaptara

We’re floating through space this week, providing humor and color to an otherwise black abyss with a Chamomile Citrus tea from Mighty Leaf, which you can purchase from select boutiques or online. The crews from Tin and Kaptara have taken giant leaps for mankind into the unknown, and the soft citrus flavor of this week’s tea will help you stay in stasis with them. Continue reading

Clocking In: All-New Hawkeye and Convergence: Batgirl

We’re turning back time this week with stories that mix the past and present, extensively. It’s a marriage of flashbacks and (pre-)Flashpoints. While the first book incorporates flashbacks into the current storyline, the second is part of a larger publisher event that forces completely different timelines to interact.  Continue reading

Paranormal pomegranates: Blindsprings and Flora

We’re pulling a Persephone this week: partaking in forbidden fruit while we hang out with spirits. This week’s pairing will bring us to the fruity and tart world of Pomegranate White Tea, available from Trader Joes or online.

If you haven’t had white tea before, the process uses tea leaf buds and processes them as minimally as possible. It gives the tea a really light, smooth flavor that doesn’t usually have the same grassy taste that a lot of green teas have. Similar to greens though, white teas are a good source of antioxidants.

The hibiscus flowers and lemongrass in this tea will give it a vibrant tart flavor that’s fantastic both hot or iced. Continue reading

Gunpowder residue: Lady Killer, Grayson and Descender

We’re reading from both ends of the trigger this week, and drinking a fresh pot of Gunpowder Organic from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. You should be able to find a tin at your local Peet’s or online. It’s a grassy green tea, and unlike a lot of it’s siblings in the green tea category it’s notably bittersweet and bold.

It’s a week full of hitwomen, spies and bounty hunters. So hopefully this green tea will give you the little boost of caffeine that you need to alert your senses and get your heart pumping — without giving you a bad case of itchy trigger finger.

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Black Cat got your tongue: Rumble, Helvetica, The Three Snake Leaves with Adventure Time

This week’s pairing incorporates Classic Black Cat Espresso by Intelligentista Coffee, which you should be able to find at your local Target. Black Cat has a strong, somewhat astringent aftertaste to mix in with this week’s theme of characters carrying on after life. The general taste should be syrupy and sweet, with slight flavors of chocolate and citrus.

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Stone Cold Brew: Ms. Marvel with Batman and Robin

This week’s pairing incorporates cold brew coffee. Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate should be available in store or online.

Cold brewing coffee involves letting grounds soak in cold water for a minimum of 12 hours. Because the grounds aren’t being heated they extract a little differently, and tend to be less bitter in flavor. You can do it with any coffee you have at home if you have a way to strain it and are willing to wait. The Trader Joe’s brand is great if you want your fix immediately though.

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Finding your Zen: Bee and Puppycat with Lumberjanes

We’re going green this week — well, with our teas anyway. Tazo’s Zen tea is a mix of green tea, spearmint, lemon verbena leaves and lemongrass. You should be able to pick it up at both your local grocery store or through Starbucks. It’s a spritely tea with sweet, lemon and mint overtones.

Personally, the flavors tasted stronger and more clear while hot, but you can pour the tea over ice for a refreshing green iced tea.

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