An outburst of oolong: The Woods and Amazing Spider-Man

We’re facing a myriad of explosions and all out chaos this week that need a little bit of soothing to keep them tempered. The oolong provides a nice contrast to this week’s recommendations. A calm in the eye of the storm to help you navigate through all of the chaos. Which you might need, because this week gets hectic. 

We’ve got Monkey Picked Oolong this week from Teavanna available in store or online. If you haven’t had an oolong before, then this one is probably a good place to start. It’s lighter and a little sweeter than other teas of its kind. It has a soft floral aroma to it and an herbaceous, clean flavor.

Oolongs are a Chinese tea, generally somewhat malty. Additionally, oolongs are great for re-steeping. A single serving of tea can last for several refillings and not wear out the flavor.

The Woods

Section of a panel from The Woods #12

Section of a panel from The Woods #12

The Woods #12, written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Michael Dialynas, marks a high point in the storyline where 513 people out of a high school in Milwaukee — staff, students and teachers alike — have inexplicably vanished, only to reappear in the ancient wilderness of a completely different universe. It shapes up as a small-town horror / sci-fi masterpiece that deserves serious attention.

As most everyone from the high school is trying to figure out the best way to find a way home, others are trying to mark this new world as their own. There’s a lot of terrible, intense power to go around. And as terrible, intense powers are ought to do, it comes with a lot of corruption.

The crux of this issue revolves around that power and how the rest of the group handles one man deciding that he has to rule the new world with an iron, radioactive-green-colored fist.

The book does a good job showing realistic responses to an absolutely haywire situation and keeps the storyline turning from one point to the next.

Amazing Spider-Man

Section of a panel from Amazing Spider-Man #17

Section of a panel from Amazing Spider-Man #17

Amazing Spider-Man #17, written by Christos N. Gage and Dan Slott, and illustrated by Humberto Ramos follows the growth of Parker Industries while it goes through a minor — read: major — hiccup. The Ghost has managed to get into Parker’s corporation with the intent to destroy it from the inside out in the most grisly ways possible.

There’s a definite sense of corporate deviation going on as well, with a few of Parker’s researchers (and roommate) trying to figure out how to protect a secret project from being destroyed by The Ghost.

Between The Ghost and his less-than-reliable researchers, Parker is in a mad dash to save his staff, the researchers and his industry. It makes for a riveting story that does a great job mixing the normal Peter Parker flare with all of the explosions, danger and general chaos.

Not to mention, there’s a Black Cat short at the end of the comic that makes picking up the book just that much more worth it.

This week’s pairing should help you simmer down during a hectic reading session. It’ll keep you calm so you, like this week’s protagonists, can keep steady with a light and airy flavor amid all of the verifiable crazy.

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