Black Mask Studios launches “Tubecomics”

From Hack/Slash: tubecomic episode 1

From Hack/Slash: tubecomic episode 1

Comic publisher Black Mask Studios is unleashing a new comic-reading beast unto Earth: tubecomics. As of today, you can visit the studio’s new website, or their Youtube page and read a comic panel-by-panel by for free.

The publisher was able to pair with Image Comics to roll out five issues for the initial launch.

The first comics released include: Ballistic, 12 Reasons to Die, Five Ghosts, Liberator and Hack/Slash.

The comics are narrated and include extra audio input to enhance the experience. They also include short ads, “Hulu-style” according to their website, that help pay to have the comic put up for free online.

Black Mask reports that they created tubecomics in hopes generating greater accessibility to prospective and longtime readers. Those who are wary about starting a new series can now take an interactive sneak peak. Those who might not be able to find a physical copy can seek out the series without leaving the house. And those who just don’t feel like reading that day can take a break and have it read to them.

The publisher is scheduled to release new episodes weekly, and a new series monthly.


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