Scribd’s “Netflix for Comics” and why you should be using it

Buying comics digitally is a relatively recent phenomenon that’s made it possible to have access to a library anywhere, anytime.

It’s a pocket-longbox, so to speak.

On February 10 a website and app combo that was already acting as a “Netflix” for books, Scribd, announced the addition of 10,000 comic books. It creates a whole new world for accessing comic books that’s a little more versatile than other aggregate sites like Comixology, for $8.99 per month.

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  • Quick access to thousands of comics (and traditional books)
  • User friendly
  • Nice interface
  • Allows you to recommend comics by sharing through social media
  • Helpful recommendations based on what you like
  • The first month is free. FREE. 
  • The subsequent months are $8.99 per month. Which is about what I would pay for a small stack of comics each week.


  • You can’t back up or download your comics, so there’s no way to read without wifi
  • DC and a few other big publishers are absent from the lineup
  • The current selection is still growing and is small in comparison to other aggregate sites
  • No guided view

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