What’s my kryptonite?

I’d like to thank everyone so far that’s kept up with Comics: Caffeinated. I really appreciate all of your support and interest. It’s made writing for the blog a lot more fun than I could have ever hoped.

The following is an evaluation on how I can improve, including statistics on what I’ve accomplished so far and tips from my in-class peers.

Since the first post on Jan. 16, I’ve managed 1,046 views from 327 individual viewers. Starting day one, I posted a link to the blog on my personal social media sites and actively encouraged people to view and share it. Since then, I’ve kept up with posting entries to different social media, which has helped a lot.

My greatest help in viewership has been from social media shared by comic book shop owner Reid Cain, who shared entries that featured his shop to the store’s Facebook. Both times Cain shared an entry, my view count jumped up by several hundred. Views also bounced up during personal posts that review individual books.

I have 15 followers and 32 likes on the blog so far, and I’ve gained about 15 followers on twitter that relate to comics since the Comics: Caffeinated’s creation.

  • Reilly Roberts, creator of Festival Freaks, wrote that I should work on, “making your blog more user-friendly to first time visitors. You could do that by making the lead intro to your posts a stronger summary of what the rest of the story is about. While it is a little confusing at first, your blog idea is super creative and makes sense once I got the hang of it, but try making that more clear to readers from the get-go.”
  • Kendall Hober, creator of Abroad on a Budget, wrote that I might want to, “to clarify a bit more about the pairings of coffee and comics because it can be confusing from an outside perspective to see the significance.”
  • Francesca Ricapito, creator of SLO’s Secondhand Scene, wrote: “Your about page is light and informative and has links to some of your other writing work which is nice to see. You might want to make ‘Read More’ tags on your articles so that you can’t see the whole thing from your home page.”

From all of this, I can surmise that I need to work on making my blog more accessible to new readers and make my content more transparent.

If you want to give me some feedback as well, I’d love to know what you have to say so that I can improve future posts.


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