Kicking Ass: Saga and Ava’s Demon

I’ll keep coffee and tea recommendations easy to find. Just like comics, your coffees and teas should be easily accessible and affordable. This week’s trip took me to Target to find a coffee — don’t worry, its not Folgers — with a profile that matched this week’s recommendations.

So let’s hit the ground running and Kick Ass. This particular dark roast from Kicking Horse Coffee not only lines up with the following recommendations pretty perfectly — if I do say so myself — but is actually a really good coffee for us to start off with.

Despite its full-bodied boldness, Kick Ass has a surprisingly smooth and slightly sweet flavor that’s low on acidity, so it shouldn’t be overpowering if you’re a little new to coffee. It has a dry finish, which means you may still be thirsty after the first cup. Kick Ass also has a fantastic, smokey aroma — my house smells like a bonfire and I love it — to help set the mood.

This week’s recommendations revolve around the unlikely space heroes. The sympathetic protagonists who set forth into smoke-ridden, intergalactic war zones and become bold heroes whether they were ready or not.

Section of a panel from Saga #1

Section of a panel from Saga #1

Saga #1 from Image Comics isn’t new on the scene, having come out in 2012. But it’s still ongoing — with monthly updates — and a fantastic read.

Written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Fiona Staples, Saga is an intriguing mix of intergalactic adventure and fantasy — with a giant house cat thrown in to make the deal that much sweeter. It follows conscientious objectors Alana and Marko, a couple from two warring races, in their quest to raise their newborn daughter amid a galaxy hellbent on tearing them apart.

Don’t particularly feel like buying a comic but still want to read? Perfect. Ava’s Demon, written and drawn by Michelle Czajkowski is a web comic that updates twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Section of a panel from Chapter 3 of Ava's Demon.

Section of a panel from Chapter 3 of Ava’s Demon.

Like Saga, Ava’s Demon is a deep space adventure with strong fantasy elements. In a universe being plagued by intergalactic colonialism, the story largely follows Ava and the demon bound to her since birth, Wrathia. While Ava just wants to feel normal, Wrathia has big-time goals that she needs Ava to help her complete.

The comic’s stunning artwork, which includes multimedia elements, and easy readability make this work pretty easy to get into.

Both works inspire the idea of of the regular people rising to incredible circumstances, being audacious enough to to boldly go and Kick Ass.


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